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Bid Information Sheet

  1. Bid Information Sheet

    The City of Lebanon uses the form to track individual interest relative to the specific bid opportunity.

Human Resources

  1. Direct Deposit Agreement Form

    Employee form for Direct Deposit Authorization

  2. Facilities Management Work Order

    Facilities Management Work Order for City of Lebanon Internal Use

  1. Emergency Contatct Information Sheet

    Employee form to update their "In case of emergency" contact


  1. Confidential Tip Line

    The Lebanon Police Department has established a Confidential Tip Line to receive crime information or suspicious activity information... More…

Public Safety

  1. Storm Shelter Registration

    Citizens can register their storm shelters to help public safety officials will know where to send search and rescue crews in the event... More…


  1. Customer Information Sheet

    Form for Utilities Customers to fill out so as the City of Lebanon will know the best way to contact them regarding their account.

  1. E-Billing Enrollment Form

    This form is used to sign up for E-Billing - Go paperless!


  1. Calendar Event Submittal

    Fill out this form to submit and event to be displayed on our website events calendar.

  1. Getaway Guide Request

    Request a free Getaway Guide for Lebanon, Missouri and the surrounding area.