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Atchley Park

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Location & Amenities
Just off North Highway 5, next to the Church of the Nazarene

The Park Features:
  • Two lighted shelters with 20 amps of electric each.
  • Pickering Pavilion which is lighted with 20 amps of electric
  • Zach’s House, which is a lighted gazebo with 20 amps of electric located off the Indian Creek  entrance of the park
  • Andy’s Pavilion, which is lighted with 20 amps of electric located between the ball fields
  • One-mile paved walking trail
  • Four baseball/softball fields with spectator seating, concession stand, and restrooms
  • Fenced playground
  • Four horseshoe pits

There are entrances at the front and back of the park, but no through traffic is allowed.

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  1. Andy's Pavilion

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  2. Atchley Ball Fields

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  3. Atchley Shelter #1

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  4. Atchley Shelter #2

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  5. Atchley Walking Trail

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  6. Helen Cowan Dog Park

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  7. Jared Hilton Memorial Disc Golf Course

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  8. Pickering Pavilion (Gazebo)

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  9. Zach's House (Gazebo)

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