Why does the fire department respond to emergency medical calls?

The Lebanon Fire Department is dedicated to providing swift and efficient emergency medical response. Our team is trained and equipped to be on the frontline, often arriving on the scene before the ambulance. This rapid response is crucial in emergency situations, ensuring that medical aid reaches those in need as quickly as possible.

Our fire apparatus are not just equipped with firefighting gear but also staffed with certified Paramedics. These skilled professionals are capable of delivering advanced medical care, matching the level of treatment provided in an ambulance. This capability is especially vital in many medical emergencies where the need for additional hands and expertise is often critical.

In life-threatening situations, every second counts. Having more trained personnel on the scene means that we can administer complex treatments more rapidly. Tasks like setting up IVs, performing intubations, and administering medications can be carried out simultaneously, significantly improving the chances of a positive outcome. Moreover, in scenarios where patients need to be moved from challenging locations, such as upper floors or through narrow passages, the presence of additional responders can make a significant difference. It ensures not only the safety and comfort of the patient but also enhances the efficiency and safety of the emergency response.

At the Lebanon Fire Department, our commitment extends beyond fighting fires. We are here to provide comprehensive emergency care, bringing medical expertise right to the doorstep of those in need, and ensuring the wellbeing of our community is always our top priority.

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1. Why does the fire department respond to emergency medical calls?
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