2022 Mayor Lyle Anderson Gold Leaf Award for Volunteer Service Recipients

Mayor presents Ethel Boyer with award

2022 Adult Recipient - Ethel Boyer

Ethel Boyer was nominated by her daughter, Dianna Perry, for her dedication to providing nutritional assistance to our community through L-Life Food Pantry. Ethel has volunteered at L-Life preparing and handing out groceries, twice a week, for approximately eight years and according to her daughter, at age 81, she only misses if the weather is bad. Ethel said she hates the thought of anyone going without food and the least she can do is help hand food out and hopefully brighten someone’s day. 

Mayor presents award to Katherine Schneider

2022 Youth Recipient - Katherine Schneider

Katherine “Katie” Schneider is the daughter of Sam and Lori Schneider. Katie was nominated for the Mayor Lyle Anderson Golf Leaf Award for Volunteer Service, by her GoCAPS teacher, Sara Light, for her work to create a curriculum about the administration of Narcan. 

Katie partnered with Lane Change Director, Lauren Mitchell, to create this curriculum and to date, 20 community leaders, representing the faith, volunteer, education, and homeless communities; were able to complete the curriculum, earn their certificate, and take home a box of Narcan that could potentially save lives. Katie said she was inspired to begin this project after a friend lost his mother from a drug overdose. Her goal is to make the community more aware of the opioid epidemic throughout the country and in our community and provide training and knowledge about the lifesaving benefit of Narcan.