Finance Department


The Finance Department is responsible for the oversight and integrity of all fiscal activities of the city. The department consists of accounting, budgeting, purchasing, and financing.

The Finance Department holds a vital role in ensuring the oversight and integrity of all fiscal activities within the city. Comprised of various specialized functions including accounting, budgeting, purchasing, and financing, the department plays a key role in maintaining financial stability and accountability.

One of the primary responsibilities of the Finance Department is to ensure accurate accounting, disbursement, and safeguarding of city funds. This is achieved through meticulous maintenance of accounting and fixed asset records, issuing reports that adhere to generally accepted accounting principles. By adhering to these standards, the department promotes transparency and accountability in financial management.

The department provides essential services and support to the city's operating departments and divisions. This includes procurement activities to facilitate the acquisition of goods and services, comprehensive financial reporting to track and assess the city's financial health, effective cash management practices, sound debt management strategies, prudent investment management, insurance coordination, payroll administration, management of accounts payable and receivable, capital asset control, budget management, inventory supply control, and overseeing the auditing of the City. Through these efforts, the Finance Department ensures efficient financial operations across the city.

With a focus on accuracy, compliance, and efficiency, the Finance Department contributes to the overall financial well-being of the city. By maintaining robust financial systems, providing comprehensive services, and adhering to best practices, the department plays a critical role in promoting sound financial management and supporting the city's operations.

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The City of Lebanon's Fiscal year runs from July 1 - June 30.


The City of Lebanon provides electric, water, and sewer service to customers living within the city limits. Cash Collections and Utility Billing fall under the Finance Department.  For more information please click here.

Bid Opportunities

A major function of the City's Finance Department is purchasing and placing bids for items as dictated by the purchasing policy set forth by City Council. To see our current bid opportunities please visit our online e-bid system for bids and proposals. To sign up for Bid Opportunity Notifications and for the e-bid system please visit our Supplier Registration Page.