Stormwater / Floodplain Management


The City stormwater drainage system includes a combination of storm sewer pipe, open ditches, culverts and detention areas directly related to roadways and conveyance areas. Though not all stormwater drainage areas are controlled by the City, crews are equipped to maintain a multitude of stormwater situations including the construction of new systems along roadways. To report any after-hours issues please call the Police Department at 417-532-3131.

Storm Water Management Plan

Public participation is encouraged and any comments or recommendations can be sent via email or mailed to:

City of Lebanon

C/O Richard Shockley

P.O. Box 111

Lebanon, MO 65536


Stormwater Committee

The Stormwater Committee is looking for members. Interested candidates should download and fill out the Stormwater Committee Application and email it to Richard Shockley.


Missouri Floodplain and Stormwater Managers Association

Missouri Department of Natural Resources

International Erosion Control Association 

Rainfall Intensity Graph

Stormwater Management Plan

Protecting Water Quality

Missouri Guide to Green Infrastructure

Floodplain Management

FEMA Map Service Center

When searching for floodplain maps with the FEMA Map Service Center:

Under "MapPanel ID" the Lebanon ID numbers are listed below with a general description of the depicted location for Lebanon:

  • 29105C0218C - Southwest Corner
  • 29105C0219C - Southeast Corner
  • 29105C0216C - Midwest of City
  • 29105C0217C - Mideast of City
  • 29105C0208C - Northwest Corner
  • 29105C0209C - Northeast Corner
  • 29105C0204C - Northwest edge of City
  • 29105CIND0A - Map Index

FEMA - National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)

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